Why (and How) “Complacency” Can Doom Your Service Business!

KickStart: “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure…” Andrew Grove, CEO of Intel

During his eleven years(1987-1998) as CEO at Intel, Andy Grove used his absolute hatred of “business complacency” to rocket Intel’s value by 4,500%! (From $4 billion to $197 billion!)  But now let’s talk about you and your residential services business…

I’m guessing (like me) you started out hungry as an entrepreneur. You worked brutal hours, did whatever was needed to survive and humbly learned from others in your constant obsession with building a Critical Mass Business. And no surprise- your home services business grew and prospered!💖

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now a “success”!😎 KUDOS to you!👍👍 After all, the word “success” is so much better than that other 7-letter word above, “failure”! And yet, never forget how Mr. Grove finished up his “Complacency breeds failure” quote…

“Only the paranoid survive!” 

Andy Grove learned first hand the dangers of both success and complacency… which led to his “business paranoia”. In 1985 he was ambushed by slumping demand for Intel’s memory chips due to Japanese dumping of inventory at below-cost prices. So, Intel scrambled just to survive! Therefore…

After Andy retired he titled his best-selling book on management, “Only the Paranoid Survive”! Now if one of the world’s largest tech companies could be humbled by complacency (and forgetting to be a bit “paranoid”) what about you and your business?😲

So here’s three business areas to focus your “Healthy Paranoia” on and some Proactive Changes to take!

anxious home services operator1. Constantly play “What if”? This is “Healthy Paranoia” at it’s finest! For example, a) “What if my landlord won’t renew our lease next summer?” or b) “What if we have a 20-30% drop in sales next month?” or c) “What if one of my employees quits?”

Proactive Change(s): The very best antidote to constantly fretting about your staff? Start “Hiring the Very Best” which is exactly what we’ll focus on in my (intense) three-hour LIVE seminar. Click HERE to learn more.

2. Look down the road 4-6 weeks. Why this short time frame? With “Moving Targets” like sales, profits and the eternal challenge of employees, it’s tough to see further out than a month or so. (Of course, if you see Realtors or surveyors measuring at your rented digs ya better start contacting landlords now!)😥

Proactive Change(s): Stress to your employees to NEVER surprise you… even with “bad news”! (I told my staff there was nothing we couldn’t overcome together as a team… IF we focused on it ahead of time!)

overwhelmed service managerSo build a shared online calendar for your office team. Then program alerts well before tax and withholding payment deadlines, loan payments, and payroll dates. Finally, always verify your cash flow is on top of these obligations. There simply is never an excuse to be “bushwhacked in business”!

3. Analyze last week… EVERY week! Sure, I know. You get your P & L every month. The problem? By the time you get around to your financial reports you’re seeing stale data that is two or even three months old! Seriously, people?🤔 In today’s business environment two months ago is TOO LATE! Instead, focus on what happened last week… and your Healthy Paranoia on what’s coming at you next week!

Proactive Change(s): Implement a one page Weekly Flash Report that includes last week’s broken down income, expenses (especially overtime!), and complaints along with your Client Delight Index results and any employee “issues”. This ‘What’s coming at you?” report should be on your desk every Monday morning! The result?

With a Weekly Flash Report you’ll have constantly updated data to guide your company over the next two weeks or maybe even the next two months! NOTE: Email me at Steve@homefrontsuccess.com for a free ‘Flash Report’ template.🎉🎈🎀🎁

Best wishes going forward!


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