Respect the Homeowner’s ‘Emotional Space’

KickStart: Calm (and win over) nervous home owners by helping them feel ‘in control’.

“OK, Steve, I totally get respecting our customer’s Personal Space! But what’s up with this ‘Emotional Space’ stuff?”

I understand your confusion! However, two Core Principles of Service Engineering are:

homeowner client feels invaded

A) Home owner’s FEEL uncomfortable, vulnerable, and even invaded with workers in their home and yet…

B) Your residential customer’s ‘Job Satisfaction’ (hopefully ‘Job Delight’ which often translates into a 5-star Google review!💖) is based on their Service Experience! (How they FEEL about you and your employees.)🤔

Youch! Getting that five-star online review in Point B is going to be brutal with the negative home owner feelings profiled in Point A!😲 But fear not! Steve’s Secret Sauce is to…

RESPECT the home owner’s Emotional Space by helping them FEEL in control. For example…

1. Pre-orient. After booking the job ask a Valid Business Question to justify why you need your client’s email such as, “Mrs. Jones, I’d like to email you our ‘How to get ready for us’ Service Checklist. What’s the best email address for you?”

NOTE: In this Service Checklist clearly define your expectations (what your client should do before your staff arrives) and explain what the home owner can expect from your company. More on this topic soon!

maintain communication with home service client

2. Maintain communication. In the Service Checklist explain you’ll be calling your client 48 hours before to confirm they’ll be expecting you. (In this 48 hour Reminder Call suggest they keep a spot open on their driveway- see #3 below.)

NOTE: Be sure to make a ‘Courtesy Call’ with an expected arrival time once your crew is on the way.

Your goal with these pre-job calls? To reduce the home owner’s stress! Remember, it is highly stressful for your customer to be fretting about when (or even IF) a company is going to show up to work on their home!😲

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3. Ask permission. If possible, park in the street upon arrival. Then after your worker’s ‘door-step introduction’ ask your customer’s permission to park the service vehicle closer to the house.

Pro TIP: Before parking in front of the garage check with the home owner. “Would you like to move your car in case you need to run out to the store”. (Don’t do this? Trust me- shortly after you get started you’ll hear a timid, “Excuse me but you’re blocking my car in!”)😖

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Best wishes!


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