How to Spread Your Load with ‘Shared Accountability’ in Residential Services

KickStart: Reduce your personal pressure by sharing the accountability (and rewards) with your employees.

home services manager pressure

24-7 PRESSURE… 365 days a year!😲 Sound familiar? If you own or manage a residential services business… very likely this is your life!

True- we all have to deal with pressure and now more than ever. But for you the pressure is non-stop with workers in the emotionally perilous residential environment! Why? Because there are so many moving parts to your Home Services business!

First, you must consistently please unreliable, skeptical, even untrustworthy homeowners. How? With employees that may be (wait for it)… unreliable, skeptical, and even untrustworthy!😥 Finally, you face the logistical demands of supplying on-site crews over a widely dispersed area while providing them a constant stream of new jobs!

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But today, let’s focus on how to reduce your personal pressure with…

“Shared Accountability”! Think about it…

Aren’t YOU constantly being held “accountable”? Absolutely! You’re accountable to 1) your homeowner clients, 2) your vendors, 3) your banker, 4) Uncle Sam with his taxes and let’s not forget that 5) your dear employees all hold YOU accountable for their paychecks! Meanwhile…

You allow your workers to just drift along accountable to… NO ONE!😡 WARNING: Your ‘Shared Accountability’ system shouldn’t focus only on negative punishment as in docking employee’s pay. (Which in most cases is illegal anyway!)

boost your residential technician moraleInstead, in the immortal words of Zig Ziglar, “Become a Mr. Good Finder!” This means instead of only punishing people actively look for concrete benchmarks that you can reward! Click HERE to review some great reward candidates in my Worker Efficiency Bonus Plan.(WEB Plan)

BONUS HINT: Even better, implement a shared Worker Efficiency Bonus Pool! (WEBP) First, for each big project make up a team of all the workers involved on the job. Then let your team propose a reasonable deadline to finish the project… complaint free! (The date your employees come up with will always be more ambitious than what you had in mind!) Finally, get out of their way! Then you’ll happily bonus your team a percentage of the net profits for each day they finish before their deadline.👌

Think about it. With this new Worker Efficiency Bonus Pool you’ll put ‘peer pressure’ to work for you. Instead of you personally screaming, ranting and raving at your workers to work harder/ be more efficient your team will be pushing each other so they can meet the goal bonus! (Much more effective AND less pressure on you!)👍👍

NOTE: As I stress in my SFS: Hiring the Very Best! LIVE seminar never make any major compensation changes without A) thinking them through carefully and B) having your ideas approved by a labor law attorney. (Employees hate their pay constantly being ‘tweaked’!)

Once your ‘Very Best People’ come through for you be sure to generously reward them.💲💲💲 But GREAT NEWS- the very best bonus you can give is… FREE! (Let’s talk about this soon!)


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