How to ‘prep’ the Homeowner BEFORE your Workers Arrive

KickStart: Prevent cancellations when you reach out to new clients AFTER they book the job with you.

WOO-HOO! You did it! Yet another lead converted into a booked job!👍 (Now you can make payroll!)

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But wait! Your brand new customer may still be a bit nervous about your company. This means they may cancel before you show up! So, get proactive and ‘set the hook’ when you…

grateful residential customerSend out a series of ‘reassuring messages’ to a first-time client. 

Here’s WHY you need to reach out after booking the job:
A) Confirming the date/time makes your caller’s reservation ‘official’. Plus you need to…
B) Reassure the normal concerns of your new residential client by…
C) Helping them visualize what services your crew will be performing while also helping your customer…
D) Know how to get their home ready for you. (NOTE: During the initial call find out their preferred contact option.) Let’s review the HOW (and when) of  these ‘prepping the homeowner’ messages:

1.  Confirmation text or email. (Immediate.) After the booking conversation send out a written message confirming their address, arrival date/time and a brief description of the work to be done. (Mention they’ll receive four more messages between now and when your crew arrives at their home.)

2. ‘What to expect from our company’ email. (Send late afternoon day of booking.) This is a stock template that can be easily customized for each NEW customer in just a few minutes. 1st paragraph: “Thank you for trusting us…” along with another time/date confirmation. 2nd paragraph: Brief company history. 3rd paragraph: Bulleted list of links to Additional Service Options they can schedule to be done at the same time.

3. “How to get ready for us!” message. (Send 48 hours before the job.) Focus on what the homeowner needs to prepare ahead of time. (Fresh, home baked cookies always worked for me!)😁 Seriously, include where you’ll need to park, a working hose faucet if you need water, small knick-knacks to be moved by the client, pets secured “for their protection”, etc. (Yet again, include the date and time of their service call.)

NOTE: Click HERE for a sample “How to get your home ready for us” email. (This checklist is focused on carpet cleaning but it makes a good template for any residential service business.)

4.  24-hour text (or phone call) reminder. True, you’ve already confirmed their job date and time at least four times before now. Trust me- people forget. Text or call (whichever method they chose earlier) and confirm the job is still a go. (You can thank me later!)😁

5. “We’re on our way!” text or phone call. Put on your Customer’s Eyeglasses and feel your client’s frustration of waiting/wondering when (and IF!) your company is going to arrive. Instead, have your worker(s) call in to the office when they leave the previous job along with a projected arrival time. then your office reaches out to your crew’s next client.

What happens when you implement this 5-step ‘Client Prep’ Sequence? Far fewer cancellations, faster production with smoother-running jobs and most importantly, delighted homeowners that will sing your praises from the rooftops. (AND post 5-star online reviews about your business!)

Best wishes going forward!💖


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