How to ‘Court’ a Career Candidate

Hiring employees has always been all about the Core Principle of capitalism, ‘Supply and Demand’ which means…

As the supply becomes more scarce the demand (and prices) go UP! And yes, I feel your pain with your hiring problem as you struggle to grow your Home Services business!😥

Your ongoing challenge? Prospective employees (job applicants) are currently in shorter supply than I have seen over my almost 50 years in the Home Services industry! (I started very young!)😲

The result of this shrinking supply? Job applicants can and will demand a better job so yes…

To Hire the Very Best People you must ‘romance’ potentially great Team Members.

doubtful small business owner

I know, you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Steve! These people need a job and I’m supposed to suck up to them? Fuggedaboudit!” OK, then, YOU can forget about ‘Hiring the Very Best’ employees too!

NOTE: On the other hand, don’t fall into ‘Desperation Hiring’ either! (Always do a ‘Working Interview’ BEFORE an applicant quits their current job.)

So HOW can you ‘court’ great Career Candidates? Simple! The Very Best People (VBP) will only work long term for a Very Best Company (VBC)!

Do you own a VBC? Not sure? Then here’s how to get started…

1. Build a great LOCAL reputation.  Many Very Best People (VBP) have deep local roots so they’re looking for a better career that doesn’t entail moving away from family and friends. (This is GREAT for you since you need people who will ‘stick’!)👌

NOTE: All the more reason to gently promote 5-star online reviews. The VBP will always check the online reviews of a company before they apply for a job.

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2. Obsess over your ‘Curb Appeal’. Want to sell your home for top dollar? Then improve your property’s appearance from the street! Now you’re ‘selling a career’ to the Very Best People.VBP) So, what does your company look like to an outside observer? Here’s some ‘high visibility’ business items to look (I mean, REALLY LOOK)😲 at improving:

  • Company website. PLEASE get professional help in designing and/or ‘freshening up’ your website. It will be the first place a VBP (and a prospective client) goes to check out your company. Question: Do you have a ‘Careers with us’ landing page on your website?🤔
  • Marketing. Is everything ‘synergistic’ re: logo, design, typestyles and (most importantly) your message?
  • Vehicles. Are your ‘moving billboards’ consistently clean, in good repair, professionally lettered? (See the point above.) Question: Would YOU want to be seen driving your trucks around all day?
  • Shop and office. Clean, uncluttered, organized? Question: Would YOU want to spend your career in the job environment you provide your employees?
  • Existing employees. The Very Best People want to work with other VBP. Hmmmmm…? Bonus Benefit: IF you have VBP employees be sure to reward them for their employee recruiting efforts!👌
upper class homeowner customers

The ‘DOUBLE DIP’ bonus for you? Everything you improve above will not only ‘court’ great Career Candidates but will ALSO attract a more profitable class of clients too!💲💲💲 BINGO!

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Now that you’ve morphed into a Very Best Company that will attract the Very Best People how can you make them feel ‘welcome’? Let’s discuss this soon!


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