Home Service Customers Appreciate ‘Personal Space’

KickStart: Set up routine procedures to avoid intruding on a home owner’s Personal Space.

respect service client personal spaceMost people try and keep a ‘physical bubble’ (personal space) around themselves. (As Jerry Seinfeld reminded us, nobody likes a ‘close talker’!) And of course with the pandemic’s constant drum beat of ‘social distancing’ this personal space is even more essential!

Now, you and I instinctively factor in other’s personal space. Heck, I didn’t want my clients getting ‘too close’ to me either! But do your front-line workers in customer’s homes respect your client’s personal space? Who cares? You should and here’s why!

80% of how a homeowner decides service employees influence online reviewsif your company has done a ‘good job’ (And whether they will leave a 5-star review!) is based on emotional factors. Do they like and trust your on-site worker? They’ll post a glowing 5-star review! Feel uneasy or just plain don’t like your employee? UH-OH!

WARNING: The ‘personal space equation’ can increase dramatically depending on your customer’s stress and guess what?🤔 NOTHING is more emotionally stressful for your residential client than strangers (your employees) ‘invading the inner sanctum’ of their home!😲 Therefore…

Give your workers Personal Space Procedures for residential customers. For example…

1. Step back two steps after ringing the door bell. Additional workers should be behind your lead employee and down one step. (However, they all should be clearly visible when the home owner opens their door.)

service tech photo id badgeHINT: Make sure each employee’s photo I.D. badge is clearly visible.

2. Ask the home owner: “Could you please give me a ‘tour’ of what we’ll be working on?” (Extra points if your people also mention, “And as we go please show me any ‘areas of special concern.”)

3. If you must go into a ‘new area’. Ask permission before going into a part of the home that wasn’t included on the original tour. HINT: Need to talk with your residential client? Call out their name from your work area instead of searching for AND startling them in a different space. (I learned this one the hard way!)🙄

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Of course, personal space is much more than just physical distancing. Let’s focus on this soon!


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