Gracefully Reply to a Homeowner’s “Thank You” and They’ll Love You Forever!

KickStart: Flip a home service customer’s “thank you” by reminding them it is YOU who should be grateful to THEM!

grateful lady homeowner

I always loved hearing a homeowner’s sincere (sometimes almost worshipful)😲 “Thank you, Steve” as I packed up my tools!

I’m sure your clients are incredibly grateful for you and your service company too! After all, you do great work.👍 But, more importantly you also focus on the homeowner’s emotions! (Remember, a thankful client will be much more likely to leave your business a glowing online review!)

But still, WHO should be grateful to WHOM? After all, your client is paying you… not the other way around! So create yet another Positive Moment of Truth with your residential customer by replying…

“That’s very kind of you, Mrs. Jones. I appreciate it. However, let me remind you that it is WE who should be grateful to YOU! After all, you are our customer so… ‘THANK YOU’!” (Said with a big, sincere smile!)

service manager casually invites online reviewsOptional: Then if appropriate add, “If you really want to thank me just leave an online review about my service on Google or Facebook. I’d be very grateful but either way, I’ve really enjoyed working with you.”  NOTE: Don’t be pushy here. Just casually mention the online review and/or in-person referrals with a smile and move on.

Steve’s Warning: Do me (and yourself) a big favor and DO NOT reply, “No problem”! (I hate hearing this flip reply from my “Thank you”!) 😣

Before you say goodbye to the client be sure to do a quick walk-through with them to review what you’ve done. Point out anything that didn’t turn out perfect and explain why. It is much better to create yet another Moment of Truth here instead of the client discovering your boo-boo! (Don’t ask me how I learned this!)🙄

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Meanwhile… we should talk about “how to leave” very soon!





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