Grab Great Potential Employees Right Away!

KickStart: Do a quick pre-interview with a great Job Candidate by jumping on a Zoom video call immediately!

Finding ANY techs right now is brutal!😲 (Yes, I know you’re thinking, “DUH, Steve! Tell me something I don’t know!”) I really do feel your frustration! And yet…

finding the perfect candidateEvery so often life can be so GREAT! You just had a phone pre-interview with a job applicant that obviously has been sent by heaven to work for you forever!💖

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Now back in our old, ‘Pre-Hiring Crisis’ days you would have engaged in a leisurely process of hiring interviews, etc. But today? DON’T BE SLOW and here’s why!

The Very Best Applicants don’t stay ‘on the shelf’ very long!

Instead, here’s how to get a Very Best Person off the job market long enough to do your vetting process. AFTER (and only IF) your candidate has blown you away on their Phone Interview you say,

“Charlie, I’ve been really impressed with our brief phone chat! Do you have time to jump on a quick Zoom meeting with me? I find we all communicate better over video…”  

When you take the hiring process to the next level right away (by showing Immediate Interest) you can now with a quick Zoom video meeting:

A) Decide if they are a qualified candidate for an in-person interview/ reference check and…

B) Subtly sell your company as a great career choice plus…

C) Take them off the job market till you can meet in person! (Hopefully soon!)

It’s a war out there in hiring the Very Best People! So take the ‘Immediate Offensive’ by doing Zoom video interviews ASAP!

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