Adding ‘Profit Building Pricing’ for Home Services!

KickSTART: Test out your new higher pricing strategy only on new customers at first.

more profits is better

NEWS FLASH: MORE money is better than LESS money! (And so MUCH better than NO money!)

Don’t worry, folks! This won’t be a paean to conspicuous consumption and ‘obscene profits’.💲💲💲 (Is there such a thing as “too much (honestly earned) profit”?)

Instead, money (produced by PROFIT) is just a tool to improve the lives of all concerned.👍👍 (Your employees, your family, deserving needy ones and YOU!)

Do you want (and deserve) more profits? Simple! Charge more!

Why the resistance to Profit?

nervous about profits and pricing

WHOA! You reply: “Wait a minute, Steve! I can’t raise my prices! I’m already more expensive than all my competitors!”😢

AARGH! Yer killing me here, people! Listen closely:

STOP letting your (loser) competition be your ‘Pricing Consultants’!

Doubt me? If so, check out this slide from my SFS: Winning over your Caller! LIVE seminar:

don't assign pricing based on competition

Are you convinced? This is where I always hear a chorus of “Yes, Steve” from my class! So… are you folks going to start charging more? The inevitable reply? “No, Steve!” WHY NOT? “Because we’re scared, Steve!” SIGH!🙄

Your big fear? Callers will bail out to your cheaper competition!😟 I get it! So, let’s compromise on your new price increase with…

Steve’s temporary Two-Tier Pricing hack!

Simply run a trial period (I suggest starting with two weeks) and quote returning clients their previous (lower) price. This way you’ll keep your cash flow up in the (unlikely) event new callers refuse to book with your new higher rates. (I guarantee you’ll be happily amazed since customers today EXPECT to pay more!)

All you need to do is (sneakily) sort callers into two different pricing groups. Here’s how this ‘Helps you build your pricing confidence’ trick works over the phone. You open as usual with:

customer service rep with headset

You: Thank you for contacting (company name). This is (your name). How may I help you? 

NOTE: IF they’re a previous client they likely will identify themselves and say: “You were here last year and I’d like to book again.” GREAT! You look up their previous invoice and book the job! (Cash flow preserved!) However, sometimes even returning customers will open with…

Caller asks: “How much do you charge?” (Or some other question.) Whatever your caller asks you reply…

You: I can help you with that. May I ask you a few questions? With this one-size-fits-all response you both 1) take ownership and 2) get permission to proceed. BOTH steps are essential!👌

Caller response: Almost always “OK.” Your first question should always be…

You: Have we worked for you before? If the response is “yes”, immediately reply: “Welcome back!” 💖 Then look up your customer’s information and schedule the work at their previous price. Done! But on the other hand…

Caller relies: “No, you haven’t.” Even better! You now have A) a NEW prospective client and B) a chance to test your NEW ‘Profit Building Prices’! GO FOR IT! (Without fear!)

Winning over your caller class

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I know. You’re thinking: “So Steve, what happens after my ‘temporary Two-Tier Pricing’ trial period? If I decide to raise prices on everyone how can I smooth over the price increase with my previous clients?” Great questions! Let’s focus on them very soon!

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