Why You Need (and DESERVE) to Make More Than ‘Just A Good Living’!

word hard and enjoy good lifeFor you as a residential services contractor I’ll make two assumptions. First, I’m guessing that you are at least ‘reasonably good’ at your trade(s). Second, you’re probably making more money than you ever dreamed of! (And of course you have all the ‘associated toys’ too! (Cars, boats, motorcycles, golf clubs, etc.)

Am I right or am I right? 😁 After all, any reasonably competent member of our home services industry should (at the very least) be making a ‘good living’. But WAIT! Even your service techs are (hopefully) being well paid! And speaking of techs…

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But YOU as a small service business entrepreneur deserve (and need) SO MUCH MORE than just a ‘good living’. Why? Just contrast the two lifestyles {and related pressures} profiled below…

INVESTMENT Competent Service Technician Home Services Entrepreneur
Time 8-9 hours 5 days @ week 24-7 either working or thinking about ‘work’!
Effort Does a ‘good job’, clocks out and goes home. Whatever it takes!
Energy Routinely works diligently. Capable of super-human exertion.
Emotions Cares about doing a good job but more focused on their life. The business is your baby.
Financial Draws a paycheck. No sales? No profit? No house payment!
Risk None. (A competent service tech can always get a job.) Every day everything is on the line! Including your family’s future!
Pressure Little to none. Constant.
‘Overhead’ None Far too many HSP’s are clueless on the true cost of doing business!

Please take a moment and meditate on the above chart. Could you ever remotely hire an employee (for any amount of money) to work as hard/ care as much as you do? Of course not! And that’s OK! However…

Just for grins ponder on the time, work, emotions and yes, money reflected in that right hand column. Then remember that capitalism functions on a key principle called ‘Return on Investment’.(ROI)

True, part of your ‘return’ will be in the distant future when you (hopefully) will sell your company. (Or transfer it to the next generation who will in return fund your comfortable retirement with an ongoing revenue stream!)

NOTE: This is a whole different subject that deserves a whole different series of blog posts! Hmmm…

However, part of your ROI should be ‘ongoing’ NOW. This additional income over and above ‘just a good living’ will allow you to reinvest to grow your business.  It will also provide a business and personal cushion for the occasional (and inevitable) business slowdown.

more money is better in service industryPLUS, you also deserve a different type of ROI called ‘REWARD on Investment! As I tell all my clients, “All other things being equal, MORE money is better than LESS money!” Of course…

My guess is I’ve been ‘preaching to the choir’ with all of the above. You’re probably thinking, “Steve, this has been a nice pep talk but tell me in detail: HOW I can Make More Money!” (MMM) Great! Look for a new MMM missive very soon!

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Best wishes and let’s ‘git ‘er done’… TOGETHER!


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