How to ‘Win Over’ a Price-Resistant Past Customer!

KickStart: IF you get called out on higher pricing don’t justify. Simply reply, ‘we were forced’ to raise our prices. (And always raise prices by an ‘odd %’!)

happy home service business ownerCONGRATULATIONS! You’ve sucked it up and raised your prices! (Hopefully after using my Two-Tier Trial Pricing’ to test the waters.)

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Remember: Don’t call out your (higher) pricing when quoting and re-booking previous customers. Why not? Because 95% of your clients don’t remember what you charged them last time! WOO-HOO!

But even so, occasionally you’ll hear these dreaded words from a past customer…

home service customer shocked at price quote“Isn’t that more than you charged me last time?” 😲 

DON’T PANIC! Instead, use the following sequence. (I share my entire Re-booking Previous Clients Phone Format in my SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar.)

You: “OK, Mrs. Jones, I’ve added everything to Charlie’s work order and your price will be $453.80. I do have an opening on…”

Client: (Interrupting) “Excuse me but isn’t that more than I paid last time?”

You: “Hmmmm… let me check. Yes, Mrs. Jones, your memory is correct! On January 1st of this year we were forced to raise our prices by 4.8 percent. (Slight pause.) Hmmm, if we need to meet a strict budget maybe we could scale back your project…”

Bonus TIP: Don’t raise your pricing by a ’round number’ like 5% or 10%. Instead, an ‘odd percentage’ such as 4.8% or 9.4%. These precise percentages will be much more believable to a reluctant client.

Let your voice trail off here and wait. Assuming you used my ‘Service Engineering’ procedures the last time your company worked in their home ALMOST always your client will reply…

home service customer gives go aheadClient: “That’s OK. Just do the same good work you did last time.” BINGO!

BUT if they reply: “I don’t know. I do see ads for a lot less than you’re charging.” You just fall back on the good, old ‘Feel-Felt-Found’ reply! Let’s focus soon on this ‘Triple-F’ Reply to a stubborn client who just won’t play ball!

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