Enhancing Residential Efficiency= More Profit!

KickStart: Organize your trucks, your work set-up routine and your equipment to increase profits.

Kudos to you, Home Service professional. If you didn’t realize this before, during the COVID-19 pandemic you learned that you provide “essential services” to your clients! Who knew?😮

be more efficient as residential contractorAnd yet… let’s get real here. At the end of the day, you are (hopefully) not running a charitable enterprise! Your goal (yes, the keyword here is ‘goal’!) is to squeeze more sweet profit out of each residential job. In other words, combine your “essential services” with massive profits (more money is always better than less money) and voila! 💡

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Now I’m famous for preaching “charge more”. And yes, you really do need to dramatically raise your prices and NOW is the perfect time to raise prices!(Because customers EXPECT to pay more!) However…

There are ONLY three strategies to increase profits in your Home Services business. 1) Raise prices💲(DUH!), 2) increase production (which brings other issues including HIRING) and/or 3) get more efficient.👍

Even better? Do all three at the same time!🎊🎉🎈 But today, let’s focus on…

How to crank up the efficiency dial in your daily work routine.

NOTE: As Home Services professionals we provide so many services I can’t get super specific here. Instead let me share some basic principles on how to spruce up your job efficiency:

1. Organize your vehicles. Ever heard the saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place”? Implement a logical “Hierarchy of Needs” for your gear. In other words, the more frequently you use something, the closer it should be to the access point in your truck, van, etc.

2. 🛠️ Invest in professional stainless steel shelving. Sure, this investment will burn a hole in your pocket initially. BUT remember, your sanity (and space) is worth every penny. Plus, steel shelving gives off that professional vibe.

NOTE: Good stainless shelving will last for years. Once you amortize this investment in efficient storage it will only be pennies per day!

3. 🏷️ Label, label, label. Sure, YOU are the mastermind who knows where everything goes. (Says you!)🙄 However, every one of your trucks should be laid out AND labeled exactly the same way! Your goal? Every employee should be able to efficiently work out of any truck in your fleet immediately. A label maker helps in this!

4. 🚶‍♂️Make every trip count. Create a list (yes, even if you’re the boss!) of what should be carried to the house on each trip. Then, as soon as possible, start hauling tools and equipment back out with you to the truck. The rule of thumb? Program each trip so both hands are full!

5. Buy the very best equipment and materials. Your biggest expense will ALWAYS be labor. (And remember, your personal time is the most precious time of all!) So, opt for quality tools and materials that let your staff zip through tasks faster, and you’ll see the dollars pile up on each job!

Yours in efficiency,

Steve ✌️

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