‘Driving Nice’ Wins More Service Clients!

KickStart: Impress prospective clients when all your employees (including YOU) drive with ‘Proactive Courtesy’!

A successful Home Services Pro lives by two Core Concepts: 1) They obsess over ‘differentiating’ their small service business from the competition. And 2) Residential Pros know their service workers are ‘on stage’ all the time. (Not just when on-site in client’s homes.)

Build your small service company around these two Core Concepts and you (and your key employees) WILL retire happy, fulfilled and… wealthy!πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’² Let’s focus on one of the most ‘publicly visible’ stages out there by…

Driving safely and courteously… ALL the time!

safe and courteous service vehicle driving

NOTE: Remember I said ‘publicly visible’ which means all your courteous driving won’t differentiate your business unless your vehicle signage is clear and memorable. (Your trucks must also always be clean.) Otherwise you’ll just be honking “Look at me!” and no one will notice…😒

1. Parking lots. Drive slowly. Park big trucks further away and walk more. (More people will see your vehicle advertising signage plus you need the exercise!)

2. Intersections. Display ‘Proactive Courtesy’ by yielding to other drivers and wave them on through with a smile. (You’ll be amazed at the grateful waves you get back in return.)

service vehicle driving etiquette

REMEMBER: At 4-way stop signs stop a bit back of the driver next to you. This way you won’t tick them off by blocking their view of oncoming traffic. Does this mean they’ll call you to work in their home? Maybe not. But practicing the Golden Rule makes you feel good plus you never know… πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

3. Hold your employees accountable. I strongly encourage my clients to install GPS tracking on all their business vehicles. These little 24-7 devices will help you logistically (“Which van is closest right now to 342 Elm Street?”) while subtly reminding your front-line workers that ‘someone is watching’. (This is a good thing!)

ProTIP: Set your GPS devices to text you (or the tech’s supervisor) when the vehicle exceeds 10 MPH over the posted speed limit. When your phone dings it is time for a phone chat with the speeding employee! Of course, all of the above will require time so…

4. STOP doing ‘shoehorn scheduling’. As in, “Charlie, can you speed things up and fit one more stop in today?” How many prospective clients will Charlie tick off as he frantically rushes to his next job?😲 This overly optimistic scheduling leads to customer complaints, burned out front-line workers and a poor public impression created by your speeding vehicles! (Don’t ask me how I learned this!)😒

field service technician headaches

Yep, you need to have ‘troops in reserve’ for last minute calls and the inevitable issues that come up for any home service business! Let’s talk about this soon!

WINTER ALERT: These Proactive Courtesy tips go double during the dangerous, stressful driving found in winter conditions. So SLOW DOWN!

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