Don’t bore me with WHAT you do!

Yes, I know you started your HVAC, lawn care, carpet cleaning, plumbing, ya-da, ya-da you insert the residential business because you knew how to do the work. And yet guess what- it doesn’t matter what you DO. (I know this may be shocking, even offensive heresy!) But bear with me…

At the end of the day 80% of how your client (the home owner) decides if you (or your technician) did a “good job” or a “bad job” is based on how they FEEL about the person doing the work. Take a minute and reflect on this “80% Principle”. In other words…

All your trucks/ tools/ equipment/ knowledge/ certifications that you are soooooooo very proud of… mean very little. (SORRY!) Or reducing this shocking concept to financial terms: Your ROI is very low on these physical business assets versus the EMOTIONAL factors of creating a relationship with your residential clients. Your challenge?

Your “Front Line Employees” working on the Home Front (you may call them “techs”) likely have little in common with your home owner customers. And yet these same home owners are the people your techs must consistently impress to convert your clients into delighted Customer Cheerleaders! How to do it?

My somewhat self-serving “shortcut answer”. Invest in my 12 session, seven hour Winning on the Home Front technician training course HERE! Or you can do it the hard way by subscribing to my future blog posts here. Your choice and I’m delighted that you found this little place!

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