3 Phrases to Win Over an Unhappy Homeowner!

KickStart: Convert an angry residential client into a Cheerleader by 1) saying “Thank you”, 2) apologizing, and 3) reassuring them. Shocked? Then read on…

You’ve started making the Immediate Quality Check Calls I recently suggested? I’m honored! (And always a bit surprised when clients actually implement what I recommend!) But wait!

UH-OH! You’ve dug up an unhappy customer.😲 However, instead of panicking I want you first to say…

concerned female home customer

“Thank you, Steve, for helping me find this complaining homeowner!” Why? Because now you can ‘flip’ this complainer into a Cheerleader BEFORE they vent their venom on the internet!👍 (And turn off 1,000’s of your potential customers with a nasty 1-star Google review!)😰

CAUTION: Your immediate response to a complaining client is VERY important. Remember that this person has built up a ‘big head of steam’ and they want to first vent! So, do NOT defend or (worse) justify your actions. Instead…

measured response to service complaint

‘Flip’ a complainer with my ‘Emotional Judo’ technique!

QUESTION: How can a 110 pound girl flip an onrushing attacker twice her size?

SOLUTION: She leverages his momentum against him! And you’ll use this same martial arts principle to ‘win over’ (flip) a complainer into a Cheerleader! Here’s the first three ‘Emotional Judo’ steps in my 9-Step ‘Complaint Conversion’ Phone Script. (This works great face-to-face too!)

Winning over your caller class

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1. Thank the customer.

“Mrs. Jones, let me first say thank you for letting me know about your concern and giving us a chance to resolve it.”

Remember, your ticked-off, ‘attacking’ client is expecting resistance. But instead you simply say “Thank you”. WOW! Talk about leveraging their onrushing force against them! Plus, aren’t you grateful your client is talking with (OK, maybe “screaming at”) you instead of posting their complaint online? Of course you are! So why not tell them?

Now that your complaining customer is ‘flipped’ flat on their back and ‘gasping for air’ you simply…

2. Say you are sorry. 

“I do apologize for all the inconvenience of having to call us back.”

Do you feel bad about this whole mess? Of course! So why not admit your ‘compassionate concern’ to your client? By apologizing you are simply recognizing their emotional stress and pain. (And helping ‘flip’ the complainer in the process.)

NOTE: Remember this Step #2 ‘Apology’ does not mean you are accepting the guilt… yet. It just means “I’m sorry for your pain”!

3. Reassure the caller.

“Let me reassure you that I will do everything possible to resolve for you as quickly as possible.”

Will your company do “everything possible to resolve” this issue quickly? Of course you will! So why not tell your customer? NOTE: You’ll notice there is no ‘guarantee’ implied here- just that you’ll do “everything possible”. And you will.

AFTER you have A) thanked, B) apologized and C) reassured them your flabbergasted customer should be flat on their back (with all the venom knocked out of them) and ready to ‘reasonably listen’!

WARNING: Most business owners blow off flipping the complainer with this 3-step Emotional Judo sequence. The result? Their customer doesn’t want to engage in a ‘constructive conversation’. Instead, they just continue to vent and scream!

But you are a smart Home Services business owner! So now you can calmly interview complainers to find out their REAL concern. (Most people dramatically exaggerate their problem fruitlessly hoping to get some action out of a service company!)

Best wishes and let me know how I can help you!👌


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