Stop your “Nobody Wants to Work in Service Any More” Grumbling- NOW!

KickStart: Don’t fool yourself with the “Nobody wants to do service work any more?” complaint. Instead, ask the more productive question: “Why doesn’t anyone want to work for… ME?”

Everyone from Fortune 500 CEO’s to your local competitors slamming down boilermakers at lunch are all desperate to hire more home service employees. And they’re all moaning the same complaint…

cant find quality home service employees“Nobody wants to work any more!”😫

Seriously? Nobody? As in, “Not one single person?” Come on, people! As I write this the U.S. has a 3.6% unemployment rate. So a bit of simple math tells us that…

96.4% of the total American labor force is… WORKING! 

Sure, loudly lamenting that “Nobody wants to work any more!” may make you feel special as in, “Look at ME and how hard I work!”🙄 But more often, the good, old “Nobody wants to work any more!” a business owner’s feeble attempt to explain their pathetic Help Wanted ad failures to hire… anyone!

Yep, Help Wanted ads don’t work anymore because hard working people (the ones you want to hire) aren’t reading them. Why not? Because these solid, stable folks are already working!👍 Watch me eviscerate Help Wanted ads 👇🏻.

In today’s ‘full employment’ environment basically everyone who wants a job has a job. Correct? If so, WHY would you want to hire someone who doesn’t even really want a job?😲

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So yes, the vast majority of people WANT to work. However, we’ve in a cultural awakening where many workers are no longer willing to be ‘paycheck slaves’. Instead, they want more from a career. (Our current low supply/high demand employee ratio has helped workers make this major shift.)

This means to hire the ‘Very Best People’ (VBP) you must build a ‘Very Best Company’ (VBC) ‘fueled’ by a Best Business Culture. Combine these three components along with sustained, focused hard work (HW) on your part and you’ll achieve the ever elusive ‘Critical Mass Business’.(CMB) Just imagine! A company that will run smoothly without you!💖

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You want the ‘acronym equation’? Fair enough- here you go! (VBP) + (VBC) + (BBC) x (your HW%) = CMB! All of which lead to HUGE 💲💲💲! I’ve written and taught extensively on how to hire the Very Best People and how to build a Very Best Company! But what’s with this ‘Best Business Culture’?

My favorite business definition of “culture”? Simple: “It’s just the way we do things around here!” The culture of a business is unwritten, unseen and usually unspoken. And yet this Business Culture (which can be positive or negative) will be palpable in the atmosphere and attitudes of all who work in the company.

The good news? As the owner or manager you, over time, can dramatically influence the culture of your business! How? Start with an introspective (and possibly uncomfortable) self-analysis with these Tough Questions:

1. Do I frequently blow up at my employees? (Especially when they deliver bad news?)

2. Do I at least APPEAR calm and competent? (Even when deep down inside I’m panicked and without a clue!) Remember, your employees are trusting you with the future financial welfare of their family!

3. Am I leading (and living) by the principle of ‘Servant Leadership’? Or do I require my employees to do tasks I wouldn’t do?

4. Do I routinely and sincerely thank my staff?

5. Would I want to work for ME… long term? (This was a painful one for me!)😲

6. Is my business a safe, sane and stable place to work? (Ouch! Let’s focus on this soon!)

Now, don’t you have some more self-examination to work through?🤔 Best wishes!


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