Another Residential Job Completed and…?

KickStart: Call clients immediately to make sure they’re happy BEFORE they can trash your company online.

side mirror view of home services rendered

WOO-HOO! Another job is in your rear view mirror and you’re driving away with a juicy check!  Time to celebrate! 🎉🎊✨🎆 OR…

You may still get ‘bushwhacked’ with a nasty one-star Google ‘surprise review’ when the home owner’s Buyer’s Remorse kicks in! Avoid these scathing online reviews (from a homeowner that appeared happy) when you implement…

‘Immediate Quality Check’ (IQC) Calls

Here’s how to do IQC’s. As your worker drives away from the job he or she calls the office. (They also share a heads-up on any issues with the job.) Then your office staff immediately reaches out to your client with this opening IQC Phone Script:

1. “Good morning, Mrs. ________  . This is                          from  (slooow down on your company name) making our regular Quality Check call on you. Am I calling at a good time?” (Wait for response)

2. “(Name of your worker) called in and told me he had finished in your home. We call every single home we work at to make sure the crew did a great job. How do you feel about our work? Is everything looking good?” (Wait for response)

3. “Wonderful! I’ll be sure to pass your praise along to (name of employee).”

PAPERWORK: Now briefly fill in the “Client Comments” section of our Quality Check Call Control List. IF the home owner was an ‘Effusive Cheerleader’ that gushed about your employee(s) then fill out a Cheerleader Congratulations Form and follow the instructions in our IQC Calls Office Paperwork Flow Procedure .

NOTE: All bolded Procedures in Small Caps above are included in our ‘Winning over your caller’ LIVE seminar.💲💲💲 (See below.)

HINT: With a delighted client always conclude by gently reminding them how much an online review would mean to the employee(s) that did their work.

OR if client has a ‘concern’:

“I’m really sorry for your inconvenience, ________, and thank you so much for letting us know about your concern. May I schedule our supervisor, (give full name), to stop by and make things right at no charge to you?”

Your goal with IQC’s? To detour an irritated homeowner BEFORE they can impulsively trash your company online! So, let them vent their venom by screaming at your office staff instead of  turning off 500 potential clients with their nasty, negative Google review.👍👍 (You may need to bonus your office staff some ‘combat pay’!)😲

Winning over your caller class

RESOURCE: You’ll get the complete IQC Phone Script (including how to call a client who wasn’t home during the job and the script for voice mails too!) in our SFS: Winning over your caller! LIVE seminar.👌 Click HERE to learn more and/or to register for upcoming classes…

Test my Immediate Quality Check Call concept and let me know how it works for you! (I crave feedback- good OR bad!)


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